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If you are pregnant and wish to find adoptive parents for your baby, this site will help you find adoptive parents hoping to adopt a baby or older child. Adoption is a wonderful and loving choice. If you are a birthmother hoping to find the right adoptive parents to adopt your baby, view below our featured list of parents profiles. Also view additional web sites of adoptive parents by searching our adoption registry.

To POTENTIAL Adoptive Parents: Find Adoptive Parents .com is a very affordable way for hopeful adoptive parents to network themselves. Networking is one of the best ways to be successful at adopting. Get the word out that you wish to adopt by putting your adoption profile in as many places as is financially possible. You also need to stand out amongst the other hopeful adoptive parents. You may find hundreds of adoptive parents on some sites for birthmothers to look through and the fee they charge is much higher. See our low fees. We have adopted two children and we know the financial burden you may be experiencing. We hope this website will help you to save money rather than add to it. Consider this site for it's cost.

Hopeful Adoptive Parents Featured below

Debbie and Tony
are hoping to adopt

adoptive parent profile

Email me at:
More about Debbie and Tony

Michele and Stuart
are Hoping to Adopt

Call or text us at:
888-493-8180 (call toll free)
914-493-8180 (call or text) More about Michele and Stuart

Kim and Joe
are Hoping to Adopt

Email us at:

More about Kim and Joe

Terry and Todd
are Hoping to Adopt

Please visit our website.
More about Terry and Todd

You can also call or text us directly at 646-351-7136.

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